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Green Barley Benefits Cholesterol

Green Barley Saves Observes September 2012 National Cholesterol Education Month.

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Green Barley for High Cholesterol Photo credit: Stuart Miles@freedigitalphotos.net

Contrary to what others may believe, cholesterol is not entirely bad for the body. In fact, it’s a vital substance that helps in the production of various hormones and aids in processing essential vitamins. The reason why majority of people are afraid of cholesterol is because they don’t know the difference between good and bad cholesterols. Today, you can start educating yourself about cholesterol as September is the National Cholesterol Education Month.

Understanding Cholesterol and Its Effects

Cholesterol is a fatty substance which is an integral part of the body cell’s membrane. This substance is primarily found in animal meats. LDL cholesterol is known as the bad cholesterol because once it’s elevated, it can cause coronary heart disease. This type of heart ailment is the leading cause of death not just in the USA but mostly all over the world. Aside from heart attack, bad cholesterol can also lead to brain damage due to stroke.

The good thing about cholesterol is that fact that you can actually control it. Aside from smoking, this is the only cause that you have control on when it comes to coronary heart disease. Other factors that can determine if your LDL cholesterol is elevated or not are the following:

– The food that you eat

– Weight

– Alcohol consumption

– Family medical history (hereditary)

– Exercise

– Age and gender

– Stress-level

Green Barley Benefits Cholesterol: The Need to Lower Your Bad Cholesterol

The treatment for high cholesterol isn’t only base on your LDL cholesterol. Total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol levels are also calculated. Among other risks in the calculation are the following:

– Diabetes

– History of the heart (previous heart attack or stroke)

– Smoking habits

– Family medical history

– 45 years of age (men); 55 years old (women)

Green Barley Benefits Cholesterol: Uses of Barley Juice to Lower Cholesterol

Aside from diabetes, heart conditions, inflammation, ulcer, respiratory problems, Green Barley is said to be a great superfood for people who are suffering from high cholesterol. The packed nutrients found in barley juice can reduce and/or balance the cholesterol within the outside lining of the cells in the body. It works by bounding the synthesis of body cholesterol and works fast to excrete bad cholesterol inside the body.

Green Barley Benefits Cholesterol: Tips to Prevent High Cholesterol

1. Barley is a known fiber that can soak up bad cholesterol fast. Make sure to drink Green Barley juice everyday to remove bad cholesterol out of the body.

2. Make sure to exercise as often as you can. In fact, a regular exercise is required to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol.

3. Try preparing a healthier diet. Cook with unsaturated fats. Make sure to incorporate fruits and veggies on your diet. If the latter isn’t always feasible, don’t forget to take barley juice every day.

4. If you have high cholesterol and want to check out how green barley benefits cholesterol as a real food supplement, try our food product, green barley. Make sure that you also have a holistic approach to your health by maintaining an active lifestyle and enough time for exercise, and nature walk.