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Will green barley help in losing weight?

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YES. Green barley — A Total Food contains only 20 calories per serving along with abundance of nutrients. If you’re on a weight loss program, your body will benefit by taking Green Barley because it provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and proteins minus the fat. It has been suggested that green barley can a nutritious meal replacement.

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Cancer accounts for 60% of deaths in SouthEast Asia and how green barley may help

Recent news revealed that Southeast Asia is facing health crisis. The Lancet Journal stated that “chronic diseases such as cancer now account for 60 percent of deaths in the region”, and threats of emerging and difficult-to-control infectious diseases are on the rise. These are linked to the region’s vulnerability to disasters, El Niño, climate change, deforestation, and intrusion on wildlife habitats.

Analyzing the economies and health systems in Southeast Asia, it was stated that controlling the diseases is difficult.

A natural, effective solution to boosting the health of Southeast Asia’s 600 million to control or minimize the emergence of diseases in the region can be done through green barley, a miracle/super food.  “Let food be thy medicine”, Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)

How green barley may help:

1. immune system booster

2. antioxidant

3. balances acidity-alkalinity ratio

4. complete with enzymes, fiber, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids

5. low-cost health care

Green Barley on Cancer:

Barley is good for cancer because of the presence of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) which restores the functions and repairs the body’s DNA to prevent cancer cells from developing. SOD is also a free radical scavenger of tumor cells.
– It is also good for cancer due to the presence of P4D1 enzyme which destroys cancer cells and at the same time immediately repairs damaged DNA molecules of the cells.
– It contains a high amount of Potassium (3,800mg/100g) which is very important in preventing new growth and multiplication of cancer cells.
– It contains Peroxidase enzyme which breaks and neutralizes the carcinogenic black color substance in grilled meat and fish.
– Since barley is highly alkaline, it destroys cancer cells.
– It has a high score of ORAC 25,500 per 100 grams having high amounts of oxygen carrying capacity. Cancer cells cannot live in high concentrations of oxygen.
– It contains 2-O-Glycosylisovitexin enzyme which prevents multiplication of cancer cells.

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