how to drink green barley

30ml Recommended Daily Dosage of Green Barley (and how to measure it)

If you aren’t taking enough fruits and vegetables into your daily meals, you may drink green barley to give you the essential supplement. Green barley A Total Food has lots of vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, chlorophyll, amino acids.

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What is the recommended Daily Dosage of Green Barley?

For maintenance (adults), you may want to drink 30ml of green barley. Please read the article, HOW TO DRINK GREEN BARLEY at this post at Green Barley Philippines Web site. The blog post there includes recommended dosage of green barley from 0 age to over 10years old, and the recommended timing to drink green barley.

This blog post is about measuring 30ml of green barley.

How to measure 30ml

To measure 30ml, you may use a medicine measuring cup:

Below is a 30ml medicine measuring cup.

30ml medicine measuring cup

If you don’t have a medicine cup, just use the bottle cap of green barley. Pour 2 caps of green barley in a glass, and drink from it.

Another way to measure 30ml is through using a tablespoon.

30 ml is equivalent to 2.03 tablespoons

Take charge of your health. Drink green barley. Green Barley Saves next to God.

You may drink as many as you want: 30ml to 1 bottle – no overdose. 30ml is just the minimum recommended dosage.

Best health regards!