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Benefits of potassium: Green barley

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The body is incapable of storing potassium that is why constant supply is necessary. The required daily amount should be fulfilled by consuming supplements or a diet that contains sufficient amount of potassium. The reason behind this is because it can provide lots of benefits to the body. For one, potassium can serve as an electrolyte in the body and reverse the effect of sodium on the blood pressure. Proper balance between the two can also regulate the heartbeat. Apart from that, this is also beneficial for individuals suffering from hypertension.

The inter-cellular movement of potassium from muscle cells to extracellular fluid is essential for the relaxation and contraction mechanism of muscle tissues. It is also necessary for the muscles’ proper growth and prevents muscle weakness. The participation of potassium in the conversion of amino acids into protein, as well as glucose to glycogen is also important. Sufficient amount of potassium in the body can prevent muscle cramping and fatigue. Proper utilization is also helpful for the metabolic process.

Potassium is also necessary for the proper functioning of the heart, especially in the process of pumping blood. As it can control the blood pressure, it is also helpful in minimizing the risk of heart attacks. Moreover, it is also helpful in removing toxic wastes from the kidney through excretion process. As for the brain, potassium is helpful as it maintains electrical conductivity and enhances learning and memory. It is also helpful in preventing stroke from occurring.

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