green barley mother’s day promo

Mother’s Day Promo Get Freebies and Green Barley

Dear prospective clients,

Happy Mother’s Day to you and and the special moms in your life!

Free Shipping of Green Barley Nationwide from May 12 to May 15


Today, we think about all the mothers in the world who are celebrating Mother’s day. We salute you for all the love and care that you’re giving to your families. In line with the celebration of Mothers’ Day 2012, we are offering FREE items, for purchases that will be made from May 12 to May 15.

Give your MOM the GIFT OF HEALTH on mother’s day. Buy 1box of green barley from us, and we’ll ship it for FREE. Please also know that it’s automatic dealership-membership upon buying 1box. You may become a member for personal use or for business or for both. By becoming a member, you will avail of special discounts and opportunities to earn or get rebates.

Our mom is very special to us. We always make sure that there’s a continuous supply of green barley at home, for her and for our dad, and siblings.

Through green barley, our Mom’s health has improved a great deal. Some of her amazing testimonials with regard to using green barley are the following:

  • she escaped the operation of the lump in her thyroid gland
  • green barley treated her migraine (she suffered from migraine headache for 5 years and GREEN BARLEY’s the ONLY solution that worked wonders for her)
  • her eyesight grade was lowered by green barley from 125 to 50
  • green barley has greatly helped her in dealing with her highblood pressure and high cholesterol levels

On MOTHER’s DAY, one of the gifts you can give is to send her a box of green barley, and let her discover the amazing benefits of this miraculous product.

Place your order now while promo lasts: Free Shipping of green barley from May 12 to May 15.

Update: May 16 , 2012

Thank you for those moms and those with special moms in their lives who participated in our Mother’s Day Promo: Free Shipping of Green Barley!