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Green Barley Benefits Diabetes
Are you diabetic? Do you have a wound that doesn’t heal? Are you a candidate for amputation?

Good news. You might just be saved by our product — the original, authentic and leading brand of barley grass in the Philippines.

The video above which we made for you is just our teaser of how barley grass has tremendously benefited those who believed and who continue believing in our product.
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We encourage and invite you to try using our product, or share it with your family members and friends in the Philippines and overseas who may just benefit from barley juice miracle food.

Yes, barley juice is a super food, a total food. It is a powerful antioxidant, and a lot more. It is packed with a lot of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll and live enzymes.

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Cheers to your health and wealth!
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Green Barley A Total Food

Green Barley We’re authorized distributors of green barley a total food, the leading brand of green barley in the Philippines. Join our network.

Green Barley for Optimum Health

Since the early 1900’s more and more diseases are constantly being diagnosed; shortening the lifespan of many people. This growing awareness has led to a nutritional revolution in which more and more people are eating healthier foods. Nutritional supplements have also increased in terms of consumption to help prevent diseases and potentially prolong one’s lifespan. Green barley is one of the most sought after nutritional products nowadays as it is said to help prevent diseases and maintain health.

Green Barley an Alternative Medicine

Green barley is considered to be an alternative medicine in healing certain diseases. It is known to provide many health benefits such as detoxification and weight loss. It is suitable for people suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, and more. To know more about this herbal product, click on this link.

Green Barley a Powerful Antioxidant

Green barley contains high amounts of antioxidants and phytochemicals, as well as vitamins and minerals. Many people hardly intake the required amount of vitamins and minerals in a day through their food; that is why taking nutritional supplements such as this product is a great way to supply the nutrients that you need each day.

Recommended Dosage

In today’s world where everyone is so busy with their lives and health is becoming a growing concern, two teaspoons of green barley a day can help you keep up with your lifestyle and maintain your best health condition. This product should be taken 30 minutes before your very first meal of the day or at least 2 hours after a meal so the food you have eaten does not interfere with the absorption and digestion of the product in your stomach. There’s no overdose with green barley so one may increase the dosage, if necessary.

Open for Dealership

Become our dealer or distributor in your area. It’s automatic dealership upon buying 1 box of our product pack. Call now at +63917 452 4741 or email us at greenbarleysaves[at]yahoo[com].

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