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Green Barley Juice: Best Barley Product

Barley Juice: One of Today’s Best Barley Products

Barley products save lives

Did you know that barley products like Green Barley: A Total Food in green barley capsule or juice forms can save lives? Buy your original product pack at Green Barley Saves .com Photo credit: Stuart Miles

Manually juicing greens at home is usually time consuming. Because of this, a number of health food stores and even supermarkets offer supplements that are packed with nutrients to help the body be on top form all the time. The great thing about powdered supplement is that unlike other forms of health products, you simply need to mix the powder in water or juice and you’re good to go. One of the best powdered supplements or best barley products that have been making progressive rounds all over the world is barley juice powder. Barley powder is a favorable way to add much-needed nutrients in the body without consuming variety of vegetables daily.

Converting to a healthier lifestyle starts with making sure you have a pH-balanced body. This means that you need for your body to have slightly more alkaline than acid. This is needed because a body with correct level of alkaline has a predominant chance of fighting diseases that can result to early death. Today’s diets are full of junk and processed foods that can raise the body’s level of acid, hence creating illnesses that can possibly damage the body in the long run. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make an effort to start your lifestyle change by taking barley juice as your real food supplement that can effectively restore your body to the correct alkaline level.

One of the hardest things to control when correcting your diet is your cravings for sugar. Whenever your supply of energy is low, sometimes it’s tempting to just eat a chocolate bar or drink a humongous mug of coffee to keep hunger at bay while you’re working. However tempting an invitation maybe, it must be stopped. Instead of the chocolate bar or the mug of coffee, a glass of barley juice is the best way to go instead. Not only will barley products like green barley juice give your body the right nutrients you need, it can also increase your energy level while suppressing your hunger naturally.
Administration of barley juice is easy enough to do. A single to a couple of teaspoon of barley powder mixed in an eight-ounce of cold water (or even fruit juice) and you’re good to go. To maintain the nutrient properties of the juice, it’s very important that you don’t use hot water in mixing the juice. You can drink as many glasses of barley as you want although the min. recommended is 30ml – to be taken 30 minutes before or 2 hours after meal. For those who are under the weather or battling an illness, 60ml to 1 bottle a day is the recommended dosage.
Because barley products are considered one of the hottest health products in the Philippines these days, it’s very important that you buy this real food supplement from a legit barley dealer. An online site like Green Barley Saves is a good place to start when buying barley juice for your everyday needs.

How to manage diabetes: drink green barley juice

green barley benefits diabetes

How to manage diabetes: drink green barley juice
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Understanding Diabetes

One of the most predominant health problems in the world is diabetes. It is the condition where irregular levels of insulin results into glucose to build up in the blood. There are several types of diabetes that you should know. And even with the threat of coma or even death if diabetes isn’t properly treated, this condition is still manageable.

What Makes You Diabetic
The cause of diabetes, experts say, is the end result of the mixture of genetics and several environmental factors. If you’re diagnosed with diabetes, then you’re body has issues with either producing or utilizing the hormone insulin that is produced by the pancreas. The food that you eat is broken down by your body into glucose, a known form of sugar. Insulin’s job is to convert glucose into energy that your body needs, both for growth and performance purposes. You are diabetic if your Fasting Plasma Glucose Test (FPG) results are 126 mg/dl or higher or if your Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) result are 200 mg/dl or higher.

The following are the most common types of diabetes:

Type 1 Diabetes

This is the autoimmune type of diabetes. This means that your body’s immune system sees your beta cells as foreign entities so it mistakenly attacks the pancreas cells that produce insulin. Because of this mistake, the pancreas produces little to no insulin which results to a glucose build-up in the blood.
Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes
– Persisting feeling of thirst
– Constant urination
– Feeling hungry all the time
– Unexplained and abrupt weight loss
– Fatigue
– Weakening eye sight

These signs usually develop during childhood or puberty. Type 1 Diabetes can be managed through strict diet, regular exercise and insulin inject.

Type 2 Diabetes

There is insulin resistance in Type 2 Diabetes, meaning the body uses insulin fruitlessly. This is the most common type of diabetes that often occurs to elderly, overweight or obese people. Folks who don’t exercise are prone to Type 2 Diabetes as well. As for the symptoms of this condition, they’re practically the same as Type 1, although in this case, they appear more gradually.
– Constant urination
– Unexplained fatigue
– Persistent hunger
– Weight loss
– Blurry vision
– Wounds heal longer than expected (or not heal at all)
– Yeast infection issues

The great thing about this type of diabetes is it’s highly manageable and even curable. It’s important that a Type 2 diabetic have a diabetes-friendly diet and do regular exercises. Some require insulin or other medications to manage the condition, while others don’t.

Gestational Diabetes

This is the type of diabetes that is known to pregnant women as it usually takes place during the late pregnancies. Studies show that the cause of this diabetes is the changes in hormones and/or insulin deficiency during pregnancy.
Gestational diabetes is dangerous because it can lead to problems with the baby. Moreover, women who have gestational diabetes during pregnancy have 40% to 60% changes of developing Type 2 Diabetes later on.

As always, proper diet, exercise and sometimes insulin injections helps to manage this condition.

Green Barley Juice

One of the best powerful green drinks or superfoods is green barley juice. It is considered as the most powerful antioxidant. It is suitable for people suffering from diabetes.

How does green barley help in combating diabetes?

– Barley juice contains a high amount of Arginine (14.3mg/g). This amino acid is used to release insulin from the pancreas and help increase glucose uptake in the muscle cells.
– Barley juice has Chromium that increases the ability of insulin to bind to cells and leads to increase insulin sensitivity of the body tissues. It makes the body more efficient in absorbing the blood sugar. It acts as a “Travel Guide”, opening the door for the insulin to enter into the body cells. It lowers blood sugar and insulin levels in people with type II diabetes.
– It has Vanadium which activates insulin receptors, making the beta cell of the pancreas produce more insulin, resulting in the decrease of blood sugar.

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Green Barley Essence, A Must Have Book!

What’s your Best Health Books at Home
A clamor for a better lifestyle and the alarming issues of obesity and other dangerous illnesses have made nutrition and wellness books a more popular book genre today. In fact, nutrition and fitness books are now available for various individuals and classes: sex, age, illnesses, and even weight loss programs. Some people use health books that focus on food groups while others buy books that concentrate on one particular food or style of diet.

It’s an understatement to say that health books are needed today. The demand for books dealing with proper nutrition issues is clearly manifested at bookstores, libraries and even online search engines. Go to a bookstore and see shelf after shelf of diet and nutrition books that practically cover every ways on how to live a healthier life. With this reality, as a buyer, how can you pick the right books to help you with your goal to lose weight or prevent illnesses?

Finding the Right Wellness Book for You

The primary thing to mull over when assessing diet and/or wellness books is the reasonableness of the contents. Common sense plays a big part when shopping for books. Clearly, a book that promises weight loss in mere seven days without changing your diet seems conspicuously a scam.

Picking a book that focuses on one subject matter (ex. a vegetable that contains a variety of nutrients), will provide you a more extensive information on how said vegetable can help you achieve your health goals than a book that tackles a number of subjects. On the other hand, choosing a book with one focus can limit your chances of finding the right ways of changing your diet for the better. Therefore, in picking books, there should always be balance and variety.

Checking book recommendations online is also a great way of finding the right books for your needs. Sites like Amazon provide a broad platform of books that you can categorized based on how you would want to attack your wellness concerns. Comments and suggestions from other readers are also beneficial in finding the right book to buy.

Green Barley Essence: One Popular Nutrition Book that You Must Have

best health book

Green Barley Essence

Tons of diet books provide success stories of lifestyle change. “Green Barley Essence” penned by Yoshihide Hagiwara M.D., is one book that you must have if you’re into super food health benefits or if you plan to lose weight the organic way. Described as “the all-natural “fast food”,” Green Barley Essence talks about how barley grass is truly the only plant that can be considered as total food or a whole food concentrate. This means that barley green is practically the same as barley in its “all natural state” thus providing the body with a variety of nutrients in their natural proportions.

Best Book about Green Barley
Green Barley Essence is a remarkable project of Dr. Hagiwara, a known and multi-awarded researcher, scientist and inventor from Japan. With his work with barley, he proved that barley green is not a medicinal drug, rather a live, organic food that can work wonders for anyone’s well-being.

Green Barley A Total Food

Green Barley We’re authorized distributors of green barley a total food, the leading brand of green barley in the Philippines. Join our network.

Green Barley for Optimum Health

Since the early 1900’s more and more diseases are constantly being diagnosed; shortening the lifespan of many people. This growing awareness has led to a nutritional revolution in which more and more people are eating healthier foods. Nutritional supplements have also increased in terms of consumption to help prevent diseases and potentially prolong one’s lifespan. Green barley is one of the most sought after nutritional products nowadays as it is said to help prevent diseases and maintain health.

Green Barley an Alternative Medicine

Green barley is considered to be an alternative medicine in healing certain diseases. It is known to provide many health benefits such as detoxification and weight loss. It is suitable for people suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, and more. To know more about this herbal product, click on this link.

Green Barley a Powerful Antioxidant

Green barley contains high amounts of antioxidants and phytochemicals, as well as vitamins and minerals. Many people hardly intake the required amount of vitamins and minerals in a day through their food; that is why taking nutritional supplements such as this product is a great way to supply the nutrients that you need each day.

Recommended Dosage

In today’s world where everyone is so busy with their lives and health is becoming a growing concern, two teaspoons of green barley a day can help you keep up with your lifestyle and maintain your best health condition. This product should be taken 30 minutes before your very first meal of the day or at least 2 hours after a meal so the food you have eaten does not interfere with the absorption and digestion of the product in your stomach. There’s no overdose with green barley so one may increase the dosage, if necessary.

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