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Green Barley Dealership: Best Networking Philippines Business


In this time and age where earning extra can hugely help meet the growing family expenses, many Filipinos join business networking and dealership. If you’re one of the people who wish to join networking to earn cash, keep in mind that like any other forms of business strategies, this requires hard work and wise decision making. One way of doing so is to be a Green Barley dealer.
Our barley product is made up of organic barley grass that has tons of benefits for the body. It’s a real food supplement that can help prevent  severe illnesses such as heart ailments, cancers, respiratory problems, skin conditions and the likes. It contains vitamins and minerals, enzymes and amino acids, antioxidants and a number of other nutrients that the body needs to survive. This powdered juice must be taken 30 minutes before your meal or 2 hours after.
So, how does green barley dealership help you earn? You can do this by buying 1 HWIC product pack. Once you buy the HWIC product pack, you’ll instantaneously be a dealer of the company.

Being an authorized distributor or Green Barley dealer, you’re assured of that what you’re selling is the original and authentic barley products. The company provides numerous benefits to their dealers like commissions for sales and override commissions. HWIC also gives remuneration for retail profits and points system.
As aforementioned, once you buy 1 product pack, you’ll automatically be a Green Barley dealer. You’ll earn cash from this through the following benefits:
Commission by Sales
Every time you buy or sell 1 box or product pack of Green Barley , you’ll automatically earn 500php (sale commission.) Moreover, your customer will now be part of your binary network and when s/he buys Green Barley, you’ll earn the sales commission.
Retail Profit
By being a GB dealer, the adage “less is more” isn’t always the case. In fact, “more is more” is apt. When you buy Green Barley in bulk, you’ll get a massive discount. Thus helping you save cash. You can then sell the products to your customers and/or personally use Green Barley.
Aside from these two ways to earn, there are still other ways to earn in green barley dealership, and tons of advantages in being a GB dealer. The great thing about being one is that, regardless if you’re a pro-networking businessperson or a newbie, selling the product won’t be a hardship because Green Barley actually works and it sells by itself. You won’t need any special promos or exaggerated sales pitch. The authenticity and benefits of Green Barley plus the free training and seminars that you will get from us and from the company will help you earn more than you expect.

Other than wealth benefits that green barley dealership offers, your family’s well-being is also assured of. Drink for health and earn for wealth through green barley!

Green Barley benefits cancer

Green Barley for Cancer

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Green Barley for Cancer

When the concept of “eating right” and having a healthy diet has become very vague and unattainable, people resorted to nutritional supplements. Such products help them keep their best health and help them prevent diseases from developing. Green Barley, while considered to be total food more than an alternative medicine, is a nutritional drink that supplies people with high amounts of antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals to keep their bodies healthy. It is also a great drink to ingest daily to prevent risks of developing cancer.

Cancer is great threat to many people as development of cancer cells is still unknown. The most that people can do is to keep a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer cells from forming. Our herbal product has many advantages in keeping one healthy as well as hinders the formation and development of cancer cells.

How green barley helps combat cancer

• Green Barley contains Superoxide Dismutase, which is a highly efficient antioxidant that helps repair and restore the normal functions of DNA as well as in preventing the formation of cancer cells. This antioxidant is also known to help ward off free radicals that can cause development of tumor cells and cancer cells.
Green barley helps prevent cancer because it contains the P4D1 enzyme. This enzyme is found to be helpful in destroying cancer cells while simultaneously heals and repairs injured DNA strands due to the cancer cells.
• It is no secret that grilled food can cause cancer due to the carcinogens present in the skin of grilled food. The enzyme peroxidase helps neutralize the carcinogens found in grilled and breaks them down to prevent it from developing into cancer cells.
It is very alkaline which is why it can help prevent cancer cells from forming.
It has high ORAC score of 25,500 amounts per 100 mg, which means that it has the capacity to carry high amounts of oxygen. Places containing high amounts of oxygen inhibit cancer cells from thriving.
• 2-0-Glycosylisovitexin is another key compound that halts the multiplication process of cancer cells

Drink green barley to prevent and combat cancer, and many other diseases. By investing in your health, you are thereby securing your wealth. It is known that health is the greatest wealth.

Join our health-wealth program by becoming our dealer-member.