Customer Service

Welcome to the Customer Service Page of Green Barley Saves. This page is for prospective dealers and current dealers of Green Barley Super Team.

Please visit the following links to help you in contacting our customer service representative.

JOIN OUR NETWORK – This is our online registration form for new dealers or those who want to be a member for personal use.

HOW TO ORDER – Quick link on how you can place your order. It includes the shipping fee, and ways to pay us.

REAL TESTIMONIALS – These are testimonials by people who have greatly benefited from green barley. You may want to buy our product catalogs to read more testimonials. We can send the product catalog along with your order of green barley.

HOW TO USE GREEN BARLEY – This link contains directions on how to drink/use green barley.

HEALING PRAYER – All healing comes from God. Along with drinking green barley, we encourage you to say this healing prayer.

ABOUT US – This is a page to let you know we are real. We have lots of dealers under our network. We serve a lot of clients nationwide and worldwide.

CONTACT US – Ways to contact us

FACEBOOK FAN PAGE – Like our Fan Page

FACEBOOK PROFILE PAGE – Where you can add us as friend and send us private message in FB

TWITTER – Follow our tweets.



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