Our Lady of Health

Our Lady of Health, Mother Velankanni

I believe that the greatest healing of our earthly diseases comes from God Almighty and also through the intercession of our Holy Mother. That is why I always try to encourage our clients to utter a prayer before drinking green barley. It’s also our belief at Green Barley Saves that Green Barley is, indeed, God’s miracle prescription.

My husband and I got this privilege to personally touch the image of the Holy Mother of Velankanni. She’s the Our Lady of Health. She’s in Kuwait for a visit. It was my first time to know that there’s Our Lady of Health, and my heart leaped. I immediately took a photo of the Our Lady, and here she is.

Mother Velankanni, Our Lady of Health

Mother Velankanni, Our Lady of Health

I pray for the healing of everyone visiting this site through Mother Velankanni. May you be healed of your physical, emotional, spiritual sickness. May you also be healed physically by green barley.