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Green Barley Forum Launched at Green Barley Saves Web site!

Hello green barley users, clients, and prospective members-dealers!

Green Barley Saves Web site has recently launched a new forum site about green barley!

You can find it at the menu bar (navigation area) or at the sidebar.

Please feel free to post your questions/inquiries/thoughts on the topics specified at each forum area.

Please don’t use the forum site to advertise your numbers to sell about green barley or other products to other members.

Use the forum with care.


Yuletide 2011 Greetings from Green Barley Saves Team

Happy Holidays 2011!

Give the gift of health to your loved ones this yuletide 2011.

Stay healthy! Drink Green Barley…

Green Barley Saves Schedule for the Christmas and New Year Holidays

Dear clients, dealers, and green barley users,

As we await our Savior’s Holy Birth, let us all reminisce the blessings that we have received, the healing that He has given us, and the good memories, moments that we have shared with our families and friends. May we all have a merry Christmas, and a bountiful New Year.

As the year 2011 ends, we’d also like to thank everyone for patronizing green barley, God’s miracle prescription. Thank you also for making us a part of your lives.

Herewith is our schedule during the Christmas and New Year holidays:

Dec. 17, 2011: We can accommodate your orders from 10:30 to 4:30p.m. only

Dec. 18-23, 2011: normal operations (please contact us at 0917 452 4741)

Dec. 24-25 2011: HOLIDAY

Dec. 26, 2011: From 10:00a.m. to 7:30p.m. (please contact us)

Dec. 31, 2011: From 10:30a.m. to 3:30p.m. (please contact us)

January 1 (HOLIDAY)

January 2, 2012: normal operations

Thanks and best health regards!

Green Barley Saves: Friday is World Cancer Day

We, at Green Barley Saves, would like to honor everyone in the world, our clients, those who are battling with cancer or those who have been healed by green barley.

We are happy to know that our Web site, Green Barley Saves, has been an instrument in reaching out to those who needed an alternative medicine, a miracle prescription from God, the green barley.

We pray for you all, whoever you are, that you may find the courage to fight the good fight.

God bless and best health regards!