Green Barley ph Balancer

Green Barley: the body pH balancer

Green Barley Balances the Body’s Acidity and Alkalinity Ratio

To fully understand how Green Barley works as a pH balancer, first it’s necessary to learn the importance and use of an alkaline diet. Whenever you eat, the foods you digest leave behind traces of either alkaline or acid. If your body registers high traces of acid, it’ll be more susceptible to various diseases. To prevent or counteract this, you need to increase your consumption of foods rich in alkaline. This will restore your body’s pH balance. To achieve a balance, physicians suggest a 60:40 diet. You must consume 60% alkaline forming foods and 40% acid forming foods. In some instances especially when there’s too much acid in the body, an 80:20 diet is necessary.

What is the body’s normal pH

The normal pH level of the body must be between 7.35 and 7.45 (pH level gauge is 1 to 14). When your body registers a gauge below 7.0 on the scale, you’re considered acidic. If it is lower, then your body will likely be attacked by viruses that can cause diseases. Conversely, a high level of alkaline isn’t recommended as well since the body must be acidic enough to digest food properly.

Green Barley: The Balancing Act

The imbalance between alkaline and acid can be dangerous for you. In fact, medical experts say that the imbalance can cause cancer. People who suffer from emotional stress and work overload can also cause acidity. Hence, a diet consisting of enough alkaline forming foods is mandatory. A diet without or with little alkaline in it to help you with your digestion, acid overload can make even your daily life extremely uncomfortable.

This is where Green Barley comes to your rescue. One glass of barley juice can give your body with more organic nutrients, minerals and vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants than at least five full servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Barley also neutralizes toxins that are dangerous for your body since these free radicals can produce cancer cells, can cause heart attacks and even organ failures. A good added bonus is barley’s ability to slow down your aging process.

For people who don’t incorporate fruits and vegetables in their daily diet regimen, drink green barley. Aside from being highly alkaline, consuming barley everyday (20-30 minutes before meal or two hours after meal) can help prevent even the most common irksome conditions such as acne.

With or without disease, you can drink green barley

With the various health benefits of barley, some people may think that the green juice is just for people who are sick. Contrary to this misconception, barley is good for everyone. Drinking Green Barley even when you’ve just received a clean bill of health is certainly advantageous for you. Incorporating an alkaline-friendly diet to create your pH balance, lower your calories, level your blood sugar can result to a better, healthier, and happier you.