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Green Barley Forum Launched at Green Barley Saves Web site!

Hello green barley users, clients, and prospective members-dealers!

Green Barley Saves Web site has recently launched a new forum site about green barley!

You can find it at the menu bar (navigation area) or at the sidebar.

Please feel free to post your questions/inquiries/thoughts on the topics specified at each forum area.

Please don’t use the forum site to advertise your numbers to sell about green barley or other products to other members.

Use the forum with care.


Typhoon Pedring

Dear readers, and all clients (existing and prospective),

We received all your queries and orders yesterday. Thank you for the many orders from different countries.

Typhoon Pedring is currently hitting our country. In the meanwhile, we’ll be answering all your queries and emails. Ordering and sending of green barley (shipping to other countries) will resume as soon as the typhoon is over.

If you’re trying to contact us via landline and mobile phone, and you can’t get through, it’s probably because there’s no electricity and availability of network. Please do try to reach us via email so we can answer your queries.

Be safe everyone. As much as possible, do stay at home.

The Green Barley Saves Team

Does Green Barley contain gluten?

Unripe ears of barley, wheat, and rye.

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Green Barley — A Total Food is taken from the grass, and not from the grain. The grass, unlike the grain, does not contain gluten. None of the ingredients in Green Barley contains gluten so it is safe for people who are sensitive to gluten.

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Will green barley help in losing weight?

Weightloss pyramid.

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YES. Green barley — A Total Food contains only 20 calories per serving along with abundance of nutrients. If you’re on a weight loss program, your body will benefit by taking Green Barley because it provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and proteins minus the fat. It has been suggested that green barley can a nutritious meal replacement.

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