Understanding Stroke

Definition of Stroke:


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A stroke (also known as Cerebrovascular Accident) is caused when there is a stop in the supply of blood to the brain. This is also due to the rupture of arteries which feed the brain.
During a stroke, there is a limited supply of blood to the brain causing brain cells to die and leading to brain damage. The person loses certain functional abilities like movement of limbs, speech or partial vision. In major cases, it can be fatal.
Types of strokes:

Ischemic stroke – blood clot obstructs the flow of blood in a blood vessel
Hemorrhagic stroke – is caused by leakage of blood into the brain due to bursting of weak blood vessels

Symptoms of stroke:
Symptoms include sudden numbness in body especially one entire side, abrupt spells of dizziness, inability to understand, speak or walk and sudden severe headaches.
Risk Factors:
Some major risk factors are male, over 55, of Asian/ Pacific Islander /Hispanic / African American origin, family history of stroke, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, excessive use of tobacco and alcohol, physical inactivity.
A person who suffers from a stroke needs to be rushed to a hospital within 3 hours to be able to receive effective treatment. Depending on the magnitude, the person may be given clot-busting drugs, blood thinners and other medication in case of complications. In severe cases, the person will have to undergo surgery.
Preventive action:
Strokes can be prevented by focusing on risk factors which can be controlled such as exercising, dieting, reducing consumption of but not limited to alcohol and tobacco, controlling high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

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“Study: traffic noise boosts risks of stroke” It’s a must to drink green barley everyday…

Traffic in Rome
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If you’re 65 or older, you’re most prone to stroke, particularly, when you’re exposed to road traffic noise with noise level of above 60 decibels — study says.

Lead researcher Mette Sorensena of the Danish Cancer Society said that “previous studies have linked traffic noise with raised blood pressure and heart attacks”. He added that “noise acts as a stressor and disturbs sleep, which results in increased blood pressure and heart rate, as well as increased level of stress hormones”.

For people lower than 65, traffic noise is still a large contributor of stress and disturbance.

Uncontrolled/unmanaged stress is the most common contributing factor to various human diseases. An article by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development pointed out the effects of (bad) stress on the following:

Effect on reproductive system

Stress hormones inhibit the testes and ovaries directly, thereby, hindering the production of the male and female sex hormones testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

Effect on gastrointestinal tract

Digestive problem – stress hormones directly hinder the release of stomach acid

high levels of cortisol – increase appetite and lead to weight gain. Overeating is common among people who are under stress.

Effect on the immune system

Vulnerability to colds and flu, fatigue and infections

And many other stress-related diseases


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