Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2012 Gift Idea: Green Barley for your dad

Last month, we, at Green Barley Saves, celebrated Mother’s Day by giving our clients free shipping for green barley. Likewise, on Father’s Day, we’re celebrating it again by giving YOU free gifts.

Like our mom, our dad is very special, too. We take good care of his health by giving him the best natural preventive healthcare, GREEN BARLEY.

Our dad has been taking green barley for three years now, and the result is simply amazing. In early 2009, my sister-business partner and I gave green barley to our dad, mom, and our whole family. When our dad started showing off the results of his medical records to our clients, that’s when we learned about his Type 2 diabetes which was diagnosed in 2008 (which he kept to himself). Every time he’d present to our clients, he’d proudly say about the amazing benefits of green barley in normalizing his high blood sugar levels. Not only did his blood sugar benefited from green barley but also his high blood pressure and his issue with his prostate. Thank God that his prostate issue then was addressed early on with the help of green barley. Our dad also often says that he sleeps well because of green barley.

Yes, you, too, can give your dad the best father’s day gift — the GIFT OF HEALTH — through green barley. For all that he’s done to you, and the love and support that he has showered you throughout your growing up years and until now, it’s time to honor DAD with a gift that shows’ “I love you, Dad, and I care for you”.

How can you show your love for your dad? Give him the best natural preventive healthcare. It won’t cost you that much. Remember, prevention is better than cure, and prevention should start early. It’s much costly to treat a disease than to prevent the onset of disease.

At Green Barley Saves, we are offering you a half month promo from June 3 to June 18 so you can give your dad the best father’s day gift ever. Surprise him with our green barley package. Whether you’re shopping a gift for your own dad, husband, brother (with family), friend of your dad, uncle, or any man in your life who’s a father, don’t hesitate to shower him with the gift of health — GREEN BARLEY. The dad in your life will thank you, believe us. You’re not only giving him a gift that will last for a day during father’s day, but more so a lifetime of GOOD HEALTH.

So what’s our amazing offer on father’s day from June 3 to June 18, 2012?

Father’s Day Special Promo: Enjoy free gifts worth PhP 1000!

BUY our Green Barley Saves Package for only PhP 6370 (originally priced at PhP 7, 320), and enjoy a huge savings of PhP 1000.

What will you get:

  1. automatic dealership. by buying one box of green barley pack (28 bottles good for 196 days or 6.5 months), YOU HAVE A BUSINESS NOW. Negosyante ka na! You can register the box under your name, or under your father’s name (or any dad-guy in your life).
  2. Free gift of HEART PLUS! We will give you one box of Heart Plus (50 capsules of 100% pure Green Barley powder in Capsule form) priced at PhP750.
  3. Other free items priced at PhP 250 that will help you jumpstart your green barley business
  4. Savings of PhP 1000!
  5. Health blessings
  6. Wealth blessings

To avail of this promo, please register at our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM from June 3 to June 18, 2012. Please don’t forget to like our Official Facebook Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/greenbarleybestherbalproduct.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads in the world!

You deserve the best.

Green Barley Saves Team

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