Green barley business resumes after typhoon Pedring

Hi everyone,

Thanks be to God, typhoon Pedring is over.

Business resumes at green barley saves. We can now process your orders/inquiries/and ship your products.

The Green Barley Saves Team
Landline +632-482-8783
Mobile +63917 452 4741

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Green Barley Saves is an initiative to share in the Philippines and around the world the amazing benefits of green barley in detoxifying, fighting against dreaded diseases, strengthening immune systems, and more. Become a dealer or user of green barley! Take time for your health and wealth through green barley. Join our TEAM - the Green Barley Saves Super Team! Green Barley Saves Initiative is founded by Dessie Urbano Tubale, an OFW who's passionate about advocating and sharing the GIFT OF HEALTH through Green Barley, which she also considers as the GIFT OF LIFE.

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