Green Barley Saves: Testimonial on Prostate Cancer

Dear Green Barley Saves Readers and Friends,

Today, we received a VOLUNTARY testimonial from a site visitor, Jun O., about the amazing benefit of green barley on his father’s prostate cancer. Please read on, and be inspired. You may want to share info about green barley to your family members, friends, and to anyone who might just be needing this miracle food.

green barley testimonial on prostate cancer inspired by april boy regino

Green Barley Saves: Testimonial on Prostate Cancer (inspired by April Boy Regino)

Jun’s complete testimonial sent via email: (Sept. 21, 2011)

May father would be 85 years old already this coming October 28, 2011 but he has been suffering with a prostate cancer disease. It has been diagnosed last April 2010 and he has already undergone a TURP Operation last December 14, 2010. Lots of supplements has been already taken but the effects weren’t good.
As the days passed by, his health condition has deteriorated and lately, he has suffered a pathologic bone fracture on his left hip after he dropped/collapsed on the floor due to anemia or low count in his blood hemoglobin .

He has been taking this Green Barley for almost a month now and I can really testify and swear to God that he is recovering from his ailment. I’m really very thankful to the Lord for giving this wonderful gift to mankind. Secondly, I would also thank April Boy Regino who has shared its healing power to television network’s reporters that made me search this product through the Internet and was able to made a test buy of 5 bottles. The effect was really good so I ordered 1 box of Green Barley. Now, I’m on my 2nd order already and also counting my blessings for God is good, all the time.

All Glory to God! ~ The Green Barley Saves Team

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